For Natives And Nomads (FNAN)


Branding, Graphic Design


For Natives and Nomads

A purpose for a hotel is a place providing “Omotenashi (hospitality) for natives and nomads”. It should be opened for both peoples and provided everyone with atmosphere of accessible and comfortable. However, in most cases, there is a kind of varier “the purpose of entering the hotel is for people staying the hotel”.

The atmosphere becomes hard to enter there. Nevertheless, the place should be able to a variety of usages and how to enjoy. For example, people stop by and buy a breakfast, or come to read a book you like. Then, we continue to pursue a way of connection between Natives and Nomads.


The Apartment

Food, clothing and housing are necessaries of life and should be affluent. One of the system of commerce such as a hotel can be an element that improves an affluent of life because the space of the hotel has great necessities embodying “the atmosphere as the highest comfortable house” and “the atmosphere as a margin and a plenty in  life” at the same time. For example, if you drink a cup of coffee, the value of the cup of coffee is felt more affluent time depending on how to brew up it, how cup is used, how chair you sit, how music you listen. We aim to make comfort in life and the space where people are able to experience a handful of spice.


Lifestyle of Non-consumption and Eco-friendly

The world is overflowing with a tons of informations and things. A lot of unnecessary things are wasted day by day, consumers continue to require a low price in intense price competition. While they keep such the life, both consumers and producers exhaust and are losing affluence of life. Here, we cut down excessive decorations and wasted consumptions. We also covey and look for affluent lifestyle by the hotel. It has a new attempt and creativity, produces the value that transcend things of low price and is easy to buy.